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West Wall ribbon with device

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This was a very generous gift from my friend Dean. At first I thought it was a post war version (although the West Wall medal was not redone or allowed in the 57 law) but upon closer inspection I see that it does indeed show the swaz.

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Many thanks to Dean for his extremely nice gifts (including a couple of 57 pieces). Pics are his and used with his very kind permission.beer.gif



I can't say i have seen this type of backing plate used for any Third Reich ribbon bars....it does look more like the type used for some 57er pieces, going off what i have in my own collection.

Here is my West Wall ribbon device!cheers.gif

Best wishes


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Hi Pierce,

Great pics... super bar!jumping.gifjumping.gif Many thanks for sharing.beer.gif On mine... the backing made me wonder too. Perhaps a wartime device on a post war ribbon... at least that's what I'm thinking. Perhaps before the 57 laws came out. The vet probably figured it was too small to see the swaz... and it's actually hard to see closeup anyhow. Again I'd initially thought it was a denazified one... but although lightly struck it's definitely there. Perhaps the die was polished down in that area but they didn't go far enough to totally obliterate it. I'd initially thought to post this in the postwar German section but once I realized the swaz was indeed there I decided to pop it on over here. Perhaps I should pop it over there as well. Will have to think on it.

Many thanks!beer.gif


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