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Letter by the CO. of the IX.FIiegerkorps to Bergau, 20-5-43. Announcing the award of the German Cross in Gold to him. Congratulations, etc.

Signed by the CO. of the IX.FIiegerkorps, Lt.Gen. Stefan Frohlich

(Kn.Cr.: 4-7-40).

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He served till 1943 with 6./KG-2, till June 41 operating in the west against France and England (a.o. "Battle of Britain"). March-June 41 was active in the Balkan States and Greece (a.o. campaign against Crete!). June 41 the unit took part in the campaign against Russia. 1942 the unit was transferred to the west and based in France (ao. Cambrai) and The Netherlands (a.o. Eindhoven, Glize-Rijen, Venlo), operating against England and June 44 against the allied invasion in Normandy. 1943 he was transferred to 11 ./KG-2. 8-3-44 (14.50 hrs.) his plane was shot-down by a german (!) Fighter near Cologne. Bergau was then part of the crew of Lt.1 st CL Wolfgang Hankamer (Kn.Cr.: 29-10-44). The rest of he crew were all German Cross in Gold recipients. No one was hurt in the event. As his name is not on the unit casualty list, he most likely survived the war.

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This is my first post and I just happen to find out about this web site while doing some research on Kampfgeschwader 2.

I have a bit more informations concerning Friedrich Bergau and his Bomber aircrew.

I have the Honor Goblet from Wilhelm Tebbe which was one of the four aircrew member on the KG 2 since 1941.

The KG 2 aircrew were together since 1941 and belonged to the leading edge of the Battle Wing 2, first attached to the 9th Squadron in Russia. Then flew with the 5th Squadron out of Gilze-Rijen and lastly with the 6th Squadron from Handorf, Germany.

On Monday July 7th, 1941 the aircrew of the 9th squadron of Pilot Lt Wolgang Hankamer (born July 8th, 1920 Cologne/Reiehl) ID number 53577/54, along with Navigator Sgt Max Schedel (born March 1917) ID number 53577/1353, A/C Engineer Corporal (Feldwebel) Friedrich Bergau and Wireless operator Wilhelm Tebbe, flew the Dormier Do 17 Z, Serial No. 2797, Markings U5+ZT and made a crash landing at the airfield Suwalki-South in Russia, kost probably due to damage receivem Russian AAA during the previous sortie flown. The wing under command of the VIII Flying Corps supported the 20th Panzer-Division, which established a brideghead across the river Duena near Ulla, and therefore the KG 2 attacked Russian positions, artillery and hostile troups movements. In the night of Sept 19th/20th, 1942, the same aircrew now allocated to the 5th squadron of KG 2, came back from a bombing mission and during the emergency landing at Gilze-Rijen (Nederlands) the A/C turned rapidly off the runway and received about 15% damage. During the night, the aircrew was involved in an attack under command of the IX Flying Corps against targets in England, primarely the harbour of Sunderland. British nightfighters attacked and damaged their Dornier Do 217 E-4, Serial No. 5456, Marking U5+BL, leading to an emergency landing. Meantime, Tebbe and Bergau had been promoted to Master Sergeants.

On March 8th, 1944, the airfileds of KG 2 came under attacks of Allied fighter bombers. The KG 2 aircrew were now attached to the 6th Squadron of KG 2 stationed at Handorf and Pilot Hankamer was promoted to Squadron Commander. In the afternoon, the aircrew took off in a Junker Ju 188 E-1, Marking U5+EP, for a training sortie in the area of Cologne and were attacked unfortunately by German fighters. They had to make an emergency crash landing and the A/C was a write off. The crew survived unhurt.

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Thank you for your welcoming message.

You have to excuse my english as I'm from Eastern Canada and we only speak french.

Got some more interesting informations concerning the KG 2.

Both Wilhelm Tebbe and Friedrich Bergau were awarded the Honor Goblet ( June 10th, 1942 ) and DKiG ( April 12th, 1943 ) at the same time. Commander Hankamer was awarded the Knights Cross on October 29, 1944 and the DKiG on August 17, 1942.

Wolfgang Hankamer was killed near Kyritz/Brandenburg, Germany on January 14th, 1945. At the time he was Staffelkapitan with the 1./Jagdgeschwader 301 and the rank of Hauptmann.

I will try and show some pics of my Goblet from Tebbe, aircrewman with Bergau.

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Hello Patrice and welcome on board. :)

Thank you about additional information about KG2, Bergau and his coleagues, very interesting and new information about our heros, it will be great when you show us your scans, or maybe some pics of the aircrew in in staff: Wolgang Hankamer, Max Schedel, Friedrich Bergau and Wilhelm Tebbe! I never see the photo of Friedrich Bergau! :blush:

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