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In my ongoing efforts to inform my phaleristics colleagues, and by the same token attempt at stirring more interest on the subject, I think it necessary to point out the multitude of non governmental groups, agencies, associations etc that are issuing medals at an incredible rate. I do this so people will not spend good earned money on items that are most of the time mislabeled as military or state awards on the market. Mind you, if these interest you, by all means, go for it.

The "RUSSIAN AWARDS COMMITTEE" is a civilian organization that I know little about save the fact it is one of the most prolific groups issuing medals. All of the awards below are from that group/association/organization (circle you fav), all are unofficial yet you will very often find them erroneously or purposely misidentified as state, ministerial or military awards on the market, they are NOT.

Note: If anybody can find their web site, please post a link in this thread. My attempts have only resulted in finding bios of people who received these awards or lists of recipients. I would like to know the basis for this organization.

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1- Jubilee Medal "to mark the centenary of Leonid Brezhnev"

2- Medal "Veteran of State Security"

3- Medal "90 years of Border troops"

4- Medal "90 years of the Russian Militia"

5- Medal « Veteran of the MVD »

6- Medal "Day of Artillery and Rocket troops"

7- Commemorative Medal "65 years of the Battle of Kursk"

8- Commemorative Medal "65 years of the Battle of Stalingrad"

9- Medal "Navy Veteran"

10- Medal "50 years of the submarine Leninskii Komsomol"

11- Medal "The Varyag Cruiser Monument"

12- Commemorative Medal "for Service at Baikonur"

13- Medal "Space exploration" (50 years)

14- Commemorative Medal "Tomsk School of Communication" (80 years)

15- Jubilee Medal "Veteran of Air Defense Forces"

16- Commemorative Medal "50 Years of Strategic Rocket Troops"

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17- Commemorative Medal "Veteran of Borders Troops"

18- Order "For Service to Russia" (red variant)

19- Order "For Service to Russia" (blue variant)

20- Medal "100 years of Russian submarine fleet"

21- Medal "Veteran of the GRU Spetsnaz"

22- Medal "Veteran of the Air Force" (variant with attack helicopter)

23- Medal for "Defender of the Borders of the Fatherland"

24- Medal "Veteran of the Air Force" (variant with jet fighter)

25- Commemorative Medal "65 years of Defense of Moscow"

26- Commemorative Medal "Participant in the Afghan War"

27- Order of duty and honor (red variant)

28- Order of duty and honor (blue variant)

29- Order "Marshal Zhukov"

30- Commemorative Medal "65 Years of the Fall of Berlin"

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These awards come with an official looking award document bearing a very official looking stamp. The stamp clearly identifies the organization (if you can read Russian) as the Russian Awards Committee - Российский Наградной Комитет.

The document will NEVER have a complete ministerial identification on the inside such as "Ministry of Defense Russian Federation", or "Ministry of Internal Affaires Russian Federation". They can however very often have the ministerial accronym as part the award title/name such as "Veteran of the MVD", MVD being short for Ministry of Internal Affairs.

They will NEVER have a ministerial or departmental emblem on the cover. Usually a dead givaway.

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