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Speechs in Melilla about the Second World War. Conferencias en Melilla sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial.


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Conferencias en Melilla sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial..

Speechs in Melilla about the Second World War.

Speechs in Melilla about the Second World War. Conferencias en Melilla sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial.


En los próximos días 20 al 23 de Abril de 2010, y de 17:00 a 21:00 hEA (15:00 a 19:00 UTC-GMT) en el Aula 10 (Centro Asociado a la UNED de Melilla) se impartirán una serie de conferencias. En Guerra ajena, Melilla y el Protectorado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Están dirigidas por Concepción Ybarra y son sus coordinadores Ángel Castro y Santiago Domínguez



17,30 h.- "La frustrada ambición marroquí de Franco"

Por la Dra. Dª. Concepción Ybarra, profesora titular de la

Facultad de Geografía e Historia de la UNED.

18,45 h.- "Incidentes de guerra en el área de Melilla".

Por D. Santiago Domínguez Llosá. Investigador.

Experto en Historia Contemporánea de Melilla


17,30 h.- "El alquimista clandestino: un episodio inédito de la

bibliografía catalana sobre Melilla".

Por el Dr. D. Vicente Moga Romero.

Jefe del Archivo Central de la CAM. Profesor-Tutor Uned-Melilla

18,45 h.- El Cine: La lucha desde la Pantalla.

Por la Dra. Dª. Josefina Martínez. Profesora titular de la

facultad de Geografía e Historia de la UNED

20,00 h. Proyección de Documentales sobre la II Guerra Mundial


17,00 h.- " Tánger español: la realización de un viejo anhelo"

Por la Dra. Dª Susana Sueiro. Profesora Titular de la facultad de

Geografía e Historia de la UNED

18,15 h.- "Los planes de defensa del Estrecho" Por el Dr. D. Francisco J. Álvarez

Laita. Director del archivo MdR Almirante de Castilla y colaborador habitual de la

revista española de Defensa y Marina Civil.

19,30 h.- "La batalla contra los agentes alemanes en el estrecho

de Gibraltar"

Por el Dr. D. Carlos Collado, profesor de la

Universidad de Marburgo (Alemania)


17,00 h.- " El ejército de África durante la II Guerra Mundial.

Factor estratégico".

Por D. Jesús Albert, investigador del TEIM Coronel del Ejército

18,15 h.- "Los planes de Franco frente al Protectorado

francés en Marruecos".

Por el Dr. D. Manuel Ros Agudo. Profesor de la facultad

de Historia de la Universidad San Pablo CEU

19,30 h..- "El incidente del U-617. El submarino de Sammar".

Por D. Emilio Umbría. Profesor en EE MM. Especialista en el

Norte de África y la II Guerra Mundial


Para obtener un diploma acreditativo expedido por la UNED habrá que

inscribirse en Secretaría, asistir a las sesiones del curso y presentar una

memoria de las actividades realizadas o un trabajo de profundización, dentro de

los 15 días naturales tras la finalización del curso.

Validez académica: Un crédito de libre configuración.

Plazas limitadas

Speechs in Melilla about the Second World War.

In the next days 20 to April 23, 2010, and HEA 17:00 to 21:00 (15:00 to 19:00 UTC-GMT) in the Aula 10 (UNED Associated Center of Melilla) will be given a series of lectures/speeches. "En Guerra ajena, Melilla y el Protectorado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial" aka In foreign war, Melilla and the Protectorate (Morocco) during the Second World War.

These acts are led by Concepcion Ybarra and their coordinators are Angel Castro and Santiago Dominguez

Contents: (All the times in Peninsular EA mode)


17:30 - "The Franco's Moroccan frustrated ambition"

By Dr. D ª. Concepcion Ybarra, associate professor of

Faculty of Geography and History, UNED.

18.45 h. - "Incidents of war in the area of Melilla."

By D. Santiago Dominguez Llosá. Researcher.

Expert on Contemporary History in Melilla


17:30 - "The clandestine Alchemist: an unpublished episode Catalan literature about Melilla. "

By Dr. D. Vicente Moga Romero.

Head/Chief of the Central Archives of the CAM. Teacher-Tutor-Melilla Uned

18.45 h. - Movies: The Struggle from the screen.

By Dr. D ª. Josefina Martinez. Professor of

Faculty of Geography and History, UNED

20.00 h. Documentary Footage/Screening/Films on World War II


17.00 h. - "Spanish Tangier: performing an old dream"

By Dr. D ª Susana Sueiro. Professor of the faculty

Geography and History, UNED

18.15 h. - "The defense plans Strait of Gibraltar" By Dr. D. Francisco J. Alvarez Laita. MDR Archive Director Admiral of Castile and regular contributor to the Spanish magazine "Defensa y Marina Civil" aka Civilian Defense and Navy.

19.30 h. - "The battle against German agents in the Strait

of Gibraltar "

By Dr. D. Carlos Collado, professor

University of Marburg (Germany)


17.00 h. - "The African army during World War II.

Strategic factor. "

By D. Jesus Albert, a researcher at the Army Colonel TEIM

18.15 h. - "Franco's plans against the Protectorate

French in Morocco. "

By Dr. D. Manuel Ros Agudo. Professor of the Faculty

History of the Universidad San Pablo CEU

19.30 pm .- "The U-617 incident. Sammar's submarine. "

By D. Emilio Umbria. EE MM Professor. Specialist

North Africa and the World War II



To obtain a diploma issued by the UNED should be

Secretariat register, attend the sessions of the course and present a

memory activities or work of deepening within

15 calendar days after completion of the course.

Academic validity: A provision of free choice.

Limited capacity

Free translation at English by Juan Jaramillo



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He encontrado una reseña, firmada por Andrés Moraga del prmer día de las Jornadas. Podéis leerla en:

I found a review, signed by Andres Moraga in the first Day of the Journeys. You will can read it in this link:


Algunas reseñas más: / More links-In Spanish-:



Santiago me indicó que leyese esta noticia, la reseña de la última Jornada de las conferencias.

Santiago told me to read this news, the review of the final day of the Journeys.


Emilio Umbría Cruz glosa la presencia de los submarinos alemanes en Tres Forcas - Infomelilla.com: Periódico Digital de Melilla

I offer to you a translation, as a friend lets me about this matter. I hope that you like it. Local Culture Melilla and the Second World War. Emilio Cruz Umbria glosses about the presence of German submarines in Cape Tres Forcas Albrecht Brandi commander of U-617- after many adventures he returned to command two other submarines before the end of the war the U-380 & U-967, falling prisoner of Canadians, as commander in chief of the Midget Submarine Flotilla. in the Netherlands- Professor Emilio Umbria Cruz holds in his hand a small model of the German submarine U-617 along with local historian Santiago Dominguez momentum that has made it possible to have developed in the UNED of 20 to 23 April 2010, days around Melilla in the context of the Second World War with the participation of many qualified speakers connected with that time in various disciplines that have attracted a good number of attendees at these conferences, even exposing some vivid memories of those years. / Author: JJF The photograph is a nice snapshot just before the start of the conference star. The legends and myths of German submarines in the Cape Tres Forcas near Melilla were known at the top secret aura. The first publications Manuel Cuenca, including lectures in Melilla Studies Association and other disclosures of witnesses and experts have attracted passionate about the stories of German U-boats of World War II as is the case of professor in Umbria data and photographs on display in his paper, the result of over ten years of intensive research. D. Emilio, is also my Director of Investigation It is the voyage of the submarine U-617 led by their commander Albrecht Brandi Kapitänleutnant, which ran aground near the mouth of the River Kert ships pursued by allies a September 12, 1943. How workforce was housed in Tauima, moved to Chefchaouen, Ceuta and finally Arsenal de La Carraca the San Fernando (Cádiz). / Author: JJF Brandi himself after many adventures he returned to command two other submarines before the end of the WWII, dropping as the Canadian troops, survived the World War and died on June 6, 1966, and was buried with military honors at the cemetery in the German city Dortmund. Many visitors arriving in Melilla, as news of this kind of stories related to World War II in areas of the former Spanish protectorate in Morocco have a vested interest in visiting these locations in the neighboring country, either of English pilots, 1944, the bunkers of the " Pérez line" near at Muluya River, the operation in 1943 Backbone II American occupation of the former Spanish protectorate, or stories of spies who swarmed in the 40s Melilla as the attractive German spy Mary Riltter and the secret presence in our city's own of General Patton. It's funny how the data in those 40 years were in the city of Melilla Consulates French, English or Italian, for the various powers were carefully Franco's attitude in his decision to join the Axis. Congratulate both the UNED in sponsoring such initiatives, which aroused much interest among the public of Melilla citizens also crossing borders by monitoring of this conference on Internet forums, hoping that these papers are published in a foreign war that almost caught us, as Santiago Dominguez Llosá concludes.

JUAN JOSÉ FLORENSA (Author of the chronicle) Free Translation by Juan Jaramillo


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Speechs in TV-Melilla Conferencias en TV-Melilla

Después de unos meses, refloto el post, para indicaros los enlaces donde podréis ver unos extractos de las conferencias. TV-Melilla, encargada de la grabación en vídeo, ofrece en su página dedicada

http://www.tvmelilla.es/videos/index.html, los vídeos de las conferencias.

I bump this post today for present to you the video-extracts by TV-Melilla.

http://www.tvmelilla.es/videos/video.html?v=12733286 En guerra ajena (II) En este, a partir del minuto 17 Emilio expone su conferencia, se ven las fotos, al U-617, y se presentan los temas, una entrevista.

http://www.tvmelilla.es/videos/video.html?v=12733219 En guerra ajena (I)


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