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Granted, the double hilts detail on my MVO4XmKr doesn't match your loose one, but you should be able to find the maker's marks for that loose one, either at the 5 PM line of the extra thick reverse lower arm if G.H., or (usually) stamped on the reverse side of the suspension curlicue. Swords are often marked as well, though sometimes only with the silver content.

Weiss & Co. pieces are CAST (yes, CAST) and will have not only file marks all around the edges of the arms, but a great deal of stippling dots in the flames which, while attractive, serves to conceal any casting flaws and the simplicity of the flames themselves.

Alas, I have only this FREAK Weiss version, which is too far of a digression to get into here. (It is ENTIRELY in frosted silver with never any gold at all, for one thing)


won't even get INTO the mutant reverse, here. Another day, another thread. :rolleyes::speechless1:

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Thank you . dealer offered it to me for $375 with shipping . i may do it since I know it’s a good MVK2 ?

My group with a MVK3kr x...

Hello Chuck, The enamel looks fine on your MVO 4th with Crown and Swords by Weiss u. Co.  Each maker (Weiss, Leser, Gebruder Hemmerle, etc) had their own blue enamel shade.  Your enamel is of the

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Here is a comparison of TWO Jakob Leser (I do so love that open crown) BMV4Xs, same maker, one early, one late--



See what I mean about not having to think about which has GOLD centers and which has GILT? :rolleyes:

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Yup, but the one on the bar... the centre is gold.... but the writing and belt AS WELL. NOT gilt. the writing, belt and L/Crown are ONE PIECE with white enamle added!!! And gold instead of gilt.

The whole bar is so tightly sewn up there is no way to see the back :-(((

Edited by Chris Boonzaier
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No fair 3rd Class.

But Chris-- as you will clearly observe by looking at the reverse of Evil Ralph's, the L cipher and the lion are hand-microscopically filed separate pieces (as are yours, yes they are :P )--

notice that E.R.'s BMV3X lion has stubbed its front footsie, which has bent downward, compared with my only reverse-scanable Leser's gold roarer: :rolleyes::ninja:


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But Chris-- as you will clearly observe by looking at the reverse of Evil Ralph's, the L cipher and the lion are hand-microscopically filed separate pieces (as are yours, yes they are :P )--

I promise... scouts honour.... I looked under the microscope... ONE piece... it is..it is... is!

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Do... not... try... picking... at... them...with...your... fingernails. :speechless1:

Only the MVK1s and 2s have one piece hubcaps:

first up THREE (to compare with each other, same maker) Jakob Leser 950 marked BMV4Xs' obverse ciphers, hand cut out and hand fitted on the hubcaps:

Lt dR Friedrich Lautenschlager's documented January 1915 example (his lion above too):


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