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Thank you . dealer offered it to me for $375 with shipping . i may do it since I know it’s a good MVK2 ?

My group with a MVK3kr x...

Hello Chuck, The enamel looks fine on your MVO 4th with Crown and Swords by Weiss u. Co.  Each maker (Weiss, Leser, Gebruder Hemmerle, etc) had their own blue enamel shade.  Your enamel is of the

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What are these crosses? I've noticed fairly high number of these zinc-looking pieces in the market in last couple of months. Are they to be sold as fake zinkers or were there period pieces made of other metal than bronze?

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Not seems....

IT "IS" original ( let me know also my dear Slovakian friend about these Bavarians as I collect them also some time now ;) )

As for the enamel, it's not a manufacturer defect, some of them was out there in the field exposed to various war and weather conditions.

Now that I took some time to make a new shot, feel free to take a pic of your new Medal Bar to see what style is (If it's Bavarian style or plain I mean)

Kind regards


So here it is...

EK2 is marked either WS or SM.

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This is supposed to be 2nd model 2nd class...Is it good cross? Who was the maker (looks like Hemmerle)? What would be the fair price?

Thank you guys.

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all the pieces are made by J. Leser.

Regarding the first piece you have to wait for someone how knows how the 2nd form looked like. Me as 3rd form collector I can only see a 3rd form 3rd class with strange silver look on the photo. :whistle:

2nd piece is my opinion nothing else than the 2nd class with swords removed. It is very easy to remove the swords from Leser pieces as they are attached with a screw only. You always need to be suspicious when you see that triangular hole. :ninja:

Piece no. 3 looks slightly different. Here I'm not sure whether the swords were once there or not...I have never seen a piece without swords made by Leser but this one looks good (definitely better than no. 2) :catjava:

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Hello Eric

Your first cross is a Leser (like already mentioned), but it´s form the last type. So it´s definitely no 2nd model (1905-1913). It was just silver-plated.

The second one (with enameled centre) is the same late type, so I have to entitle avardski`s opinion.

Your 2nd class with crown and without swords looks interesting. It´s the first type of Leser´s crosses (after 1913).

Genuine pieces without swords are very rare, I´ve seen just a very little amount of them over the years (maker: Hemmerle), but there might be also original pieces in this 1st Leser´s type without swords.

But: I´ve also seen a lot of these early pieces with removed swords (this first type is very, very rare, so shame on this fakers).

Can you post a larger picture of (especially) the upper arm of the cross to have a closer examination?

Kind regards


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