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Two photos

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I got those two photos and just wondering, can someone "read out" more from them;

Photo 1.

NKVD private with two badges from 30s-40s.

- Voroshilovsky marksman

- TRP-prepared for labor and defense


Photo 2.

Private or NCO during WW2... after war/end of the war promoted to rank Lieutenant.

First award probably "U" shape ring Military Valour medal

Second award Nakhimov medal (awarded aprox 14,000 times only!!!)

Third I quess is Defence of Leningrad - maybe seaman from Baltic Fleet?



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The forth medal must be @For the Victory over The Germany' with that ribbon (or capture of Koenigsberg ) , fifth is difficult to say plain, ribbon plain medal on the foto Leningrad and Koenigsberg group is really common

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