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Hi Mervyn.

This cap is indeed a BELGIAN GENDARMERIE Officers Cap.

It looks like the model just before amalgamation of the Police and Gendarmerie. I believe that it may be a manufacturers sample, or at the least straight out of the stores, due to the chalk marks to show the positioning of the two badges and it is the newer issue ,due to the flatness of the embroidered badges, earlier ones had padded badges which looked much more impressive than these. By newer issue I mean the last issue before amalgamation.

Lower ranks had chrome metal versions of the two badges and a black plastic cap strap held on by chrome buttons of the same design.

The cap strap needs tightening by the way, just makes the cap look smarter on a shelf or display.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Les - again, exactly the additional information I was hoping would be added to the caps. When did the amalgamation take place ? I must say you have a very trained eye to have spotted the chalk marks. I will get someone to tighten the cords - my hands don't do things like that any more.

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I'll check out the date for the amalgamation and post it here shortly.

The new force is a Federal Police with the same uniform being worn by both previous forces with designations on the uniform that indicate wether they work in the town or the country. White for the Town/Cities and Red for the Countries reflecking the previous colours used by the Police and the Gendfarmerie. The new working cap is a baseball cap. They do have a Dress cap as well but it is of an unusual design like an old Prussian Army type from the 1920's.

I'll send you the website address for the Belgian Police and you can look at the photos on it.

Any more question please feel free to ask.


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