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Just out of curiosity I thought I'd start a thread on the best items people have found on eBay. My current front-runner came in today: cased PKO2 with 60 Jubilee button by Wagner, with the most intricately sewn neck ribbon I've seen. According to Ludvigsen only 24 awarded until 1913. Would like to hear about other people's finds.

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army zeppelin badge (real) 30 euro's , marine pilot sleeve patch (rare) came as a lot with 12 other cloth badges,25 euro's. Several other things over the years . Ferg1.

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My current front-runner came in today: cased PKO2 with 60 Jubilee button

Ah, you got that one? Congratulations. I saw it to but didn't place a bid - would have thought it sells for a "real" price...


So, nobody else has ever found anything interesting on ebay? Hard to believe.....

If you're buying all the good stuff there? ;)

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I had some realy nice ebay-experiences:

2005 i found this on ebay.com. It was sold in the category medal (coins):

OEK 1224 Schaumburg-Lippe, Orden für Kunst und Wissenschaft, 2nd Class, 1902-1918


OEK 1171 Lippische Rose für Kunst und Wissenschaft 2.Klasse mit Eichenlaub

des Fürstenthums Lippe-Detmold (43 times awarded)

Both decorations belonged to the swedish Opera Singer Lilly Walleni 1875 -1920 (born as Sanna Klara Valentin-Strandberg).

Same Seller, each one for 49,9 USD

I sold both pieces to a german lippe-collector, both awards have already been presented here.


Another one i remember was a Knights Cross of the Order of the Hungarian Holy Crown with swords (instant buy 200 Euro), and a very welldone Order of the Holy Sepulchre in real Gold (50 euro instant buy), then a 1860-Typ austrian Order of the Iron Crown 2nd Class in GOLD (sold as 3rd Class, unfortunately a slovenian collector realised this rarity aswell and i had to pay 1100 USD) I regret now, but i traded it for a rare early Medjidie-Breaststar), a cased Franz-Josef-Orden Knights Cross (gilt) with relating miniature and chain in GOLD from Scotland (360 euro), Then a cased GC-Set of a columbian Order of Boyaca with relating miniature (168 USD), a hallmarked slovakian Pribina-Order (sold for 50 USD a religious item) .......


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I'm sure there are more but this one jumps out because of the low winning bid with respect to the order

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