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Hi, I have in my collection a musket, which I have discovered has a marking on it, which means that it was issued to the 6th Kent Rifle Volunteers. Can anyone tell me anything about the history of this unit?

Any information would be of great interest.

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The 6th Kent Rifle Volunteer Corps was formed in Canterbury on the 6th December 1859. It was subsequently formed with several other Kent R.V.C.'s into the 4th Administration Battalion, Kent Rifle Volunteers, which consisted of the following R.V.C.'s;-

5th Kent R.V.C. formed 1/12/1859

6th Kent R.V.C. formed 6/12/1859

16th Kent R.V.C. formed 15/2/1860

24th Kent R.V.C. formed 29/2/1860 disbanded 1869

29th Kent R.V.C. formed 15/3/1860

36th Kent R.V.C. formed 18/5/1860

From this point it becomes a very complex history with amalgamations and re-organisation, which really only a East and West Kent Regiment expert could fathom out for you.

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A little further information for you. It is taken from Collecting Volunteer Militaria by R. J. Wyatt.

5th Kent R.V.C. Canterbury

6th Kent R.V.C. Canterbury

16th Kent R.V.C. Sittingbourne

24th Kent R.V.C. Ash

29th Kent R.V.C. Ashford

36th Kent R.V.C. Wingham



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