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Of all the TR bars I always think that this pairing above most, speaks to you. Nice.

I like this combination most too. And these are two real awards, as the Ostmedaille is often mistaken as a Campaign-Medal, which it was not. Of course its related to the East-Campaingn, but nevertheless it was officially an award and not a Campaingn-Medal.

Nice Bar :beer:


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Thanks for the positive comments.

More to follow......

but to answer some questions the single EK mount is marked L/11.....This was the first single West Wall I have come across so I just had to but it...... also an underestimated piece is the KVK with swords and Eastern Front Medal.... maybe not such an innocent item as it first seems....

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My criteria for medal groups is that a) there has to be more TR medals than Imperial on a group, b) unless there is a particularily rare TR on an a mainly Imperial medal bar. This one falls into the first category.

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This pair although on the surface are nothing too special, have a unique space in my collection. I have told part of the story before, but I am trying to research things further and will hopefully post the fuller picture in the near future.

My aunt, who is Canadian, had the unfortunate privilege of clearing out one of her relatives flats after he died a couple of years ago. She was the closest living relative so he left his small amount of wordly possessions to her. She found a drawer full of medals some of which were his own (British WW2 group) and this pair which were his fathers.

So how did a WW2 British Army officer, have a father who fought with valour for the German side during the previous World War.

Simple...... they were both in fact German and Jewish...... and as one would expect it is a tale full of tragedy.

But I feel privileged that all the medals have ended up in my possession (both British & German) and although I am not a direct descendant, there is a family link there, and they sit alongside both my grandfathers campaign medals.

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