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ORB & ORS Lt. Col. Grigorii Antonovich Burba

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Hi all,

This ones special. First off these were both gifts from two of my friends over at the Soviet Awards Forum (Thank you Norm and Rick! You are indeed the greatest! cheers.gif ).

Secondly, this is my first Soviet award that includes a picture of the original recipient... sadly not wearing the awards but we're gettin' closer!jumping.gifjumping.gif

Thirdly... this reunites two Orders from Colonel Burba's group (he retired as a full Colonel as you'll see in the research) which had been seperated somewhere along the way. I would dearly love to be able to locate and reunite the rest of the group, although two of the items would be a bit on the pricy side... so hoping if they show up God will let it be when I have $$'s to spare!rolleyes.gif

First the Colonel Burba:

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Biography Card

1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Burba, Grigorii Antonovich

2. Nationality: Ukrainian

3. Knowledge of foreign languages: n/a

4. Born: 28 September 1905

5. Place of birth: Ukrainian SSR, Zhitomir Oblast, Radomashn

6. Social origins: peasant

7. Party membership: since 1930 #0264759

8. Education: general – 7th grade in 1922 and night school in 1925; military – Signal Officer Course in 1932 in Kiev

9. Service in the Old Army: n/a

10. Service in the White Army or other foreign armies: n/a

11. Promotions: SR LT in 1936, CPT in 1938, MAJ on Western Front 17.03.42, LTC 18.04.43, COL 27.6.50

12. Patriotic War service: liberation of Western Ukraine in 1932, GPW 1941-1945

13. Other foreign campaigns: n/a

14. Prisoner, encircled: n/a

15. Decorations: OPWII in 1945, RS in 1944, Moscow Medal in 1943, VoG Medal in 1945, Capture of Koenigsberg in 1945

16. ID: Series 64 #189926, Series PS #21473

17. Inducted by: worked for father, inducted October 1942 by Rodomeshlskii RMC, Zhitomir Oblast

18. Service:

Private; Signals Company; 17 Rifle Corps 12.11.1927

Cadet; Signals Section; 17 Rifle Corps 1.1.1928

Squad Leader; Signals Section; 17 Rifle Corps 20.10.1928

Squad Leader; Independent Signals Section; 17 Rifle Corps 15.10.1929

Deputy Platoon Leader; same; 17 Rifle Corps 29.10.1930

Acting Platoon Leader; same; same 11.08.1931

School Platoon Leader; same; same 05.09.1932

Acting Company Commander; Independent Signals Btn; same 22.2.1934

Company Commander; same; same 29.4.1936

Acting Chief of Staff; same; same 10.12.1937

Chief of Staff; same; same 2.04.1938

Deputy Chief of Signals; Odessa Army Group 19.9.1938

At disposal of Signals Bureau, USSR 11.01.1940

Chief of Field Communications Section; 31 Reserve Army 12.1941

Deputy Chief of Signals Section; 5 Army; Western Front 19.01.1943

Military Post Office Chief; Signals Directorate; (?) Military Dist. 26.08.44

Chief of Communications; (?) Military District 5.09.1945

Military Post Office Officer; Belorussian Military District 22.7.48

Acting Chief of Post Office; Belorussian Military District 14.6.49

Chief of Communications and Post Office; Belorussian Mil Dist 2.7.49

Chief of Military Post Office; Signals Directorate; Group of 21.4.52

Soviet Forces, Germany

Released to the reserves by MinDef Order 03486 dated 23.8.1955 with the right to wear the military uniform.

19. Wounds: n/a

20. Academic title: n/a

21. Academic degree: n/a

22. Foreign travel: n/a

23. Legal proceedings: n/a

24. Family status: wife – Evgeniya Vikentevna; son – Anatolii b. 1931; son – Adolf, b. 1937; daughter – Svetlana, b. 1946

25. Special remarks: n/a

Award Card

Order Booklet 374829

1. Last name: Burba

2. Name and patrionymic: Grigorii Antonovich

3. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

4. Gender: Male

5. Birthyear: 1905

6. Birthplace: Rodomyshl, Zhitomir Oblast

7. Party membership: since 1930

8. Education: mid-level

9. Nationality: Ukrainian

10. Time in Red Army: since 1927

11. Place of service at awarding: Communications Directorate, 3 Belorussian Front – Military Post Office Section Chief

12. Place of work at present: Chief of Communications, (?) Military District – Section Chief, Military Post Office

13. Home address: Batrutsk(?), (?) District, Letter "Ya"

14. Awards:

Designation Serial Number Awarding Organization

Lenin 215.202 Edict dated 21.8.53

Red Star 738.836 3 Belorussian Front dated 8.8.44

Red Star 895.733 Edict dated 3.11.44

OPW II 347.053 3 Belorussian Front dated 14.4.45

30th Anniversary of Soviet Armed Forces Edict

Defense of Moscow Medal Edict dated 1.5.44

Victory over Germany Medal Edict dated 9.5.45

Capture of Koenigsberg Medal Edict dated 9.6.45

Red Banner 307.612 Edict dated 24.6.48

Verified by Senior Assistant Chief of Personnel, (?) Military District Major Kur(?) on 23 November 1945

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Pro-soviet antagonists of the independence and war veterans assembled themselves in June 1991 at the monument of war hero general Chernyakhovsky in Vilnius. The square with the monument in the centre was called original also 'Chernyakhovsky-square' and the general had been buried there by the monument. The monument was erected in 1950 and designed by sculptor Nikolai Tomsky and architect Lev Golubovsky. After the independence one decided to call the square 'Savivaldybes aikste' - Municipality square. In the years ninety the general has been dug up and is transported with the monument to Russia.

A Russian documentary on the General:


Timeline of the 3rd Belorussian Front:


Needless to say I'm extremely grateful to Norm and Rick for their EXTREMELY generous gift of these researched awards and to have the honor of having them reunited in my collection. I pray more of the group with show up over time... and God does indeed work in mysterious ways!


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