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This small group is named to Inspector Herbert H. DEAN - I don't know his Force. However, I will also post them under Police as many of our members don't always check other Forums.

The medals are mounted as worn - with his War service marked by the Defence Medal. He was given the 1953 Coronation Medal and the last one is his 22 year LS&GC. I thought it interesting that his Life Saving Medal -in it's original box - is still present.

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Herbert Henry Dean is shown on the 1953 Coronation Medal Roll as an Inspector and he was serving in the Met. There is no other recipient called HH Dean.

I had a quick check in the 1951 Police Almanac and can't find him there (quite a few Chief Inspectors shown but not Inspectors)

Then checked the 1957 Police Almanac in the hope that he had made Ch Insp, only to find that the 1957 edition only shows Supts! (most of the Ch Insps had been replaced with Supts).

Also noted on your other post

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