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General Ringel's Gebirgsjäger Dedication

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Hi Everyone,

Picked up this book a couple of weeks ago in a second-hand book shop, a well thumbed through (actually tatty) 1st edition of “Gebirgsjäger auf Kreta” commission by General Ringel for his 5th Gebirgsjäger Division, printed 1941, along with a small Gebirgsjäger paper convolute. The book had belonged to a former Oberzahlmeister with Gebirgsjäger 100th Regt. In it were a number of things of interest (to me at least) – a signed postcard from General Julius Ringel, Knights Cross with Oak Leaf holder and a handwritten dedication by him –

Zum Geleit

----kämpfer ! Ihr hat das Wort des Fuhrers wahr gemacht, das dem Deutschen Soldaten, nichts unmöglich ist.

Weiter so bis zum Endsieg für Grossdeutchland !

Hürra die Gams

J Ringel

----comrades ! You have made the word of the Fuhrer come true, that nothing is impossible for the German Soldier.

Further on to end victory for Greater Germany,

Hurray the Gams

J Ringel

Needless to say General Julius Ringel was an ardent Nazi, also in the book is a photocopy of the previous owners EK2 certificate, (with Ringel’s signature) won on Crete, plus original battle order command stating, how his unit were to be transported to Crete during the invasion, which units were to fly together with Geschwader Buchholz and a timetable –Third Wave 21.5.41 starting early from Tanagra, Greece landing at the airport Malenes, Crete. There’s also a printed letter from his Regiment’s Commander reviewing an earlier four days of fighting in April 1941 Greece breaking through Metaxas line, their bravery and the causalities the regiment suffered in doing so. Throughout the book are written comments in the margin, agreeing / disagreeing with the text. Actual personnel photos from the campaign stuck in on blank pages. Other items in the book and the convolute will need another post.


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