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This Red Star was awarded to Ivan Nefedovich Mishanin, a Chief Petty Officer on the Black Sea Fleet destroyer "Boiky". Unfortunately no record card could be found, only the award sheet.

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To: Senior NCO with the throttleman of the destroyer “Boiky” of the Black Sea Fleet

Chief Petty Officer Ivan Nefedovich Mishanin

Order of the Red Star

1. Year of birth: 1914

2. Nationality: Russian

3. Social situation and background: Worker from a family of peasants

4. Party membership and period: Candidate-member of the VKP(b) since 1942

5. Since when in the Red Army and Red Fleet: Since 1937

6. Participation in the Civil War: No

7. Wounds and contusions: Suffered a wound and contusion aboard the destroyer “Bystryi”

8. Earlier recommended for an award and for what: No

9. Which rewards and awards and for what: Received several rewards

10. Service in the White or other bourgeois armies and stay in captivity: No

11. Permanent address: Destroyer “Boiky” of the Black Sea Fleet

When leaving for a combat operation on 30 November 1942, a leakage in the coolers appeared. A rise of the salinity threatened the ship’s speed and the manoeuvring capabilities of the main turbines. Chief Petty Officer Mishanin didn’t abandon his post for three days and thanks to his skilful management of the machinery, the technically adequate switching, and the displayed resourcefulness and initiatives, he prevented the boiler water from turning salt in a timely manner, guaranteeing the speed and manoeuvrability of the ship in the period of operations during attacks and bombardments of enemy ships. During the raid on Yalta comrade Mishanin organized excellent maintenance of the boilers with grease and water, despite the fact that the ship moved at high speed for several hours. The materiel was working excellent. During one combat operation the ship was damaged by an enemy shell, after which comrade Mishanin, as head of an emergency response team, repaired the damage, and the ship could continue fighting. He is as excellent specialist and a strong-willed commander. Comrade Mishanin deserves the Order of the Red Star.

Commander of the destroyer “Boiky” of the Black Sea Fleet

Captain 3rd Rank [signature] /G. Godlevsky/

6 December 1942

Deserves to be awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Commander of the 1st Destroyer Division

Captain 2nd Rank [signature] /Melnikov/

Deserves to be awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Squadron commander of the Black Sea Fleet

Vice Admiral [signature] /Vladimirsky/

7 December 1942

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A nice salty RS for a salty Chief Engineman!! I think that the chipped enamel gives it charactor and would not have it any other way. This is one of the more hard earned ORS!! I am envious!

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