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WW1 Uniforms...all nations

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I looove that Bavarian General ... not in a carnal sense or anything... just like his uniform!!

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I don't profess to have seen a lot of uniforms, but these bring to life those black and white photos we all have. I'm always amazed at how tight or tailored combat gear used to be, we are all used to fatigues now. Going to war in a jacket and tie, with lace up office type shoes is a bit wierd to me. Also in observation...how small the men were, uniforms I have seen, their proportions are almost dainty, some tunics I have seen would fit a modern (skinny) twelve year old, never a full grown man. The textures, stiffness and roughness of some materials is astounding. I'm surprised they could dress in it in trench conditions.

Kind regards

Strapper. ( and thanks for a most interesting forum)

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The largest [i think] seller of repro. WWI gear in the US uses originals for his patterns but regularly mentions in his advertising that straps have been lengthened on web gear 'for modern figures'.

Remember that the British recruited entire 'Bantam' battalions and eventually two Bantam divisions of men 4'10"-5'3", that later being the usual minimum height for enlistment. Interestingly, the chest size was apparently one inch bigger than the usual minimum: they were looking for men like miners who had muscle if not height. And of course there were many fully employed men, like miners and factory hands, in the UK in the years before the War who could rarely afford meat or a healthy diet and produced children as stunted as themselves.

As to the 'dress up' thing, that was a cultural product: men with any pretentions of class at all wore tailored cloth, ties and waistcoats even in the heat and so on. Kipling even has a story in which young officers under enemy fire on the North West Frontier are told to walk up in down in front of their [sensibly] prone private soldiers to keep up morale. And if hit to roll back through the line of men so the rankers wouldn't have to watch them thrashing and moaning! 'Mustn't let the side down, old boy.' Still looking for a photo of a WWI officer who hasn't shaved or is tie-less!

But you're right about the material: first time I wore a coarse wool tunic and cap [re-enacting] I was too busy scratching to shoot! :cheeky:

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Hunyadi : The hungarian tunic showed is a cavalry one , the gold and black achselschlinge on the left shoulder denotes that .cavalry or at least mounted branch . Chris : the ugliest combination of colours was long time the one of the infantry in the Ejercito Argentino . in fact the green is still the distinctive colour of the infantry and is used with the service uniform by officers NCOs and to certain extent enlisted men . Our infantrymen were fierce of  ther colur their fellows of cavalry and artillery chance with the green cavalrymen said : our colur is of blood and earth , their is of spinachs and so on Cavalry colour is madder red here called grance . 

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Very nice for what I have seen, so far!

Here is how Belgium started the war.

Here is a veterinary  of the Garde Civique (sort of home guard/national guard). Very soon dismantled after the war, because the Germans didn't see them as regular army men, and didn't take them prisoner, they were shot on site when caught.

The color of uniform and helmet is dark green, the helmet misses his spike (actually it broke of, I still have it), the next helmet is black and shows how it should be.

Got a regular army lancer as well, but need to find his pic.




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Some from a display I just disassembled a couple of weeks ago. This is the Michigan Military Heritage Museum which I started about two years ago. It was our WWI Centennial exhibit. Now we are working on the 75th of WWII. There are a lot more pics on our Facebook page if anyone is interested. Its just Michigan Military Heritage Museum on Facebook.     Scott





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6 hours ago, UNR1917 said:

The first Ukrainian military formations within the Austro-Hungarian Empire!

Hello, Since ever i am an appasionate of the History of the Austro Hungarian Empire and sice i read The White Guard , the Novel of Bulgakov ,interested in Ucrainian History. thanks for the video althoug I dont understand Ucrainian .some knowledge of the facts i have

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