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US nuclear subs in the Gulf..........


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Iranian naval forces have detected a US nuclear submarine in the Persian Gulf waters, amid growing concerns over the safety of one of the most important energy routes in the world.

An Iranian patrol spotted the nuclear-armed and -powered submarine in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, which allows the passage of 90 percent of the oil produced by Persian Gulf states to Asia, the US and Western Europe.

There are currently 48 logistic and 18 combat US vessels in the Persian Gulf waters, among them the USS-Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

Experts say aside from the risk of ecologically disastrous accidents, the presence of a nuclear submarine in a narrow waterway also poses a threat of nuclear pollution.

In 2009, a US Navy Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered submarine collided with a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock in the strait. The incident caused a spillage of nearly 25-thousand gallons of diesel fuel.

In 2007, a submerged US nuclear vessel collided with a huge Japanese crude tanker in the south of the strait.

The US is yet to comment on the report.

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I believe these boats deployed during the second Gulf War.

USS Boise (SSN-764) (Surged)

USS Key West (SSN-722)

USS Montpelier (SSN-765)

USS Louisville (SSN-724) (Extended Deployment)

USS Toledo (SSN-769) (Surged)

USS Columbia (SSN-771)

USS Augusta (SSN-710) (Deployed Early)

USS Cheyenne (SSN-773)

USS Providence (SSN-719) (Deployed Early)

USS Pittsburgh (SSN-720) (Surged)

USS Newport News (SSN-750) (Deployed Early)

USS San Juan (SSN-751) (Extended Deployment)

All 12 U.S. submarines and two UK submarines (HMS
and HMS
) launched TLAMs against Iraq. Approximately one third of total TLAMs fired were launched from submarines.

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This is some good information, I thaught U.S. Subs had bounderies that they could not cross or do they just go anywhere they want to go. I know that they use GPS systems and sonar to navigate, I am sure they still can go off course, due to drift. This was happening to the Apaches during the gulf war which caused them to engage our own, it would be a big disaster if a sub were to collid with a structure and had a radio active leak.


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Since when did we start believing Iranian Reports of anything? 2014.gif


Water depth ranges from approximately 150-300 feet (50-90 meters) and in most operational areas, closer to the 100-150 foot depth. Not much room for a submarine to be manuvering and trying to stay hidden IMO. I don't think you have too much to worry about.

You have more to worry about with the Iranian and Omani gunboats than anything else and I've conned through the Straits of Hormuz on several occasions during Desert Shield/Storm/Southern Watch.


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