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50 Years Sevastopol Defense 1855-1905 Medal

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Hi guys,

I can't find much information about this medal and would need some help. Like I understand it is Imperial Russian Medal "50 Years Sevastopol Defense 1855-1905". But who was entitled for that? I presume army and not civilians or bronze went for civilians as well? Also what kind a ribbon this medal used?

I will post better pictures when the item is arrived.

Thanks for your help guys in advance!cheers.gif


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Hi Kustik12,

Very strong world for collectorsbiggrin.gif

Ca you please explain as well why you think so, point out the differences with the original? Regarding so plurry pictures, I think it's pretty much impossible to tell anyting, so I presume there is something so big, what indicates the fake? Ring, material, etc?

All the best,

Timo aka Noor

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Hello, Noor.

Sorry for strong word.

This medal is extremely rare.

Only around 9000 medals strike in silver.

Not sure how many in bronze, but see one bronze medal here (newspaper from 13-05-2010).


Estimate price for auction $75000.

Here is a copy one in bronze for $18.


You may find this copy on EBay too.


Here you may see good pictures of the medals on silver and one in bronze (click on pic.)


Check ring on your medal and lines inside cross.

Best regards, Sergei aka Kustik12. beer.gif

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Thank you (spasiboi) Sergei,

After your first post, I found out more and I already knew that mine is a 100% fake just because rarety! Stories behind... ex owner just found it from old house, etc do not work with these imperial pieces what had awarded less then 100 times.off%20topic.gif

Thanks again, comment about your first post was just a note - word what collectors hate to hear but I think must be use to it because we are living in the world where doing everything for a profit is someones life style!catjava.gif

Timo aka Noor

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Here is an example for your consideration. I have always believed it authentic and still do. It compares well with the above images. I have attached an "enhanced" image below that brings out the lines in the cross. Other opinions are welcome, especially if you can authenticate or de-bunk with some certainty.


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Hi all

A bit late on the scene, but can anyone tell me what this is (apart from being a fake)?  This version of the medal is not listed in Werlich or any other source that I am aware of … tho' one was listed in Spink (or DNW) some time ago. I have also seen pics in silver or wm. Regards Jeff


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Hi Alex

Thank you very much for your prompt reply .. much appreciated I assure you. As I say there was no reference to this in Werlich or any other source I have consulted. Do you by any chance have any further information on this award ?

Attached please find pics of a silver item in the DNW Sale 16-17 Sept 2010 Sale ;



Def of Seb Ann CROSS DNW 16-17 Sept 2010 Lot 772 39X39mm.jpg

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Hi Jeff,

You're welcome. Here is more info:

After the end of the Crimean War, in September 1856, attempts were made to perpetuate the memory of combatants. At the initiative of officers and soldiers of the former Crimean Army, a fundraising was started for the improvement of the cemetery of soldiers who fell in Sevastopol on the North side. Already September 14, 1869 was to create the Museum of the Sevastopol Defense. The officers, the participants of the defense, met annually for meetings called Sevastopol lunches. At one of these meetings, it was decided to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the beginning of the defense with the release of a cross-token. In 1890, in memory of the 35th anniversary of the defense of Sevastopol, a badge was established for its survivors.

The “Iron and Blood” crosses was mostly made from fragments of English cast-iron cores found on the battlefields of Sevastopol. Orders for the manufacture of tokens were placed with private jewelers and craftsmen. 

It is an equilateral cross of cast iron, in the center of which is a medallion, covered with red enamel, with the number "349" - the number of days of defense of Sevastopol. The medallion covers a golden wreath of oak branches, which are tied at the bottom with a gold ribbon. On the reverse side in the center, the name of the owner of the token was engraved, and in a circle in the Old Slavonic script the inscription: “Rep. PROT. Of Sevastopol ”and the dates of the beginning and end of the defense of the fortress:“ 1854– 1855 ”. This cross is also called the Cross of Blood or the Cross of Iron and Blood. Subsequently, the cross - a token entered as part of the jubilee regimental badges of the Zhytomyr Infantry Regiment, the 5th battery, the 14th art. Brigade, 4th Battery 17th Art. brigade, battleship "Sevastopol" and others.

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That's fantastic ! Thank you. Two things puzzle me re the DNW cross ; first the ribbon which is different from the first example shown. Then of course the estimate, viz £150 - £200 very much lower than that quoted for the 50th Anniversary medal of which I understand 9,000 were struck in silver and are estimated at $75,000 each !  Does this mean that the 35th anniversary cross is held in less regard ?This is very surprising. Regards and many thanks again. Jeff

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