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Commemorative Medallion Scandanavian Corps At Magersfontein 1899


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The left medallion is bronze and the right one is made of tin. The coin store owner explained that the manufacturers used a softer metal to see how the stamps struck. 

I've asked around for the De Nummis article and after that the research would end for me regarding this medallion  :-)



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Hi Stefan......

I am sorry for you that it did not turn out to be a silver one......  But having a test striking is also great.....  

Is there anyway that you can remove that UGLY hanger that has been soldered on the back ?????????

The only other one that I have handled had an UGLY hole drilled in the top to hang it on the wall......



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My unmarked medal. Missing its reverse text. I can't explain why. One can notice a faint shadow where it should be.

Also a very rare commemorative booklet from 1930 with the medal imprinted. Written by the corps founder Christer Uggla.





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