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Serbia - Box for Order of the Star of Karageorge with Swords Class II

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I was lucky enough and have find a very rare box for the Order of the Star of Karageorge with Swords Class II on ebay. Class II order was bestowed only 18 times alltogather, 4 times to Serbian generals, the 14 awards went abroad.

How rare was bestowal of this order can be seen from the Decree issued in Nish on 22 November 1914 which contained detailed criteria for the award of the Order of the Star of Karageorge with Swords. It is stated that 'this supreme order for services in wartime can be awarded to officers who have coupled extraordinary success with great effort and self-sacrifice on the battlefield or working on operational plans and assignments in higher staffs'.

The Order of the Star of Karageorge with Swords Class I could only be awarded to the chief of the general staff for the 'felicitous end to the war' and to the commander of the main army or a large military formation on an individual battlefield 'for winning a battle of decisive importance in bringing about a victorious end to the war.'

Class II could be awarded to army commanders 'whose successful leadership of the armies entrusted to them throughout the war contributed significantly to the felicitous end to the war' and to the deputy chief of the general staff and commanders of major operational units 'if they had accomplished an extraordinary deed contributing significantly to victory in major battles'.

I've immediately filled my new box with appropriate items....

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