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Florence Nightingale Medal

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But then again even modern regulation (adopted in 1991) for this medals states the colors of the ribbon the same way: “The Medal shall be attached by a red and white ribbon to a laurel crown surrounding a red cross” (Article 4). Very strange! On every modern piece we see three color ribbon (white-red-yellow)…

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Now we have another photo of the document for this rare medal + photo of the medal that was issued no later than in 1930 (at least!). On the photo we clearly see two additional thin stripes. But the color of these thin stripes looks like it is red! This is kinda strange... But then again this is black-and-white photo… Well, this thin one still looking like red to me ;)

My guess is that the medal we see on the page 1094 is the medal that was awarded to Miss Helen Scott Hay on May 12, 1920 (the document on p. 1094 dated 12 may 1920). I believe that both medals belong to the same very first vintage (in toto 42 medals were issued in 1920)!

Now, the caption on that photo implies that it is a miniature version.....I wonder if the miniatures have this additional thin stripe? I would agree though, it sure looks "red" to me - I would think even in that black and white photo that yellow would be very hard to see, so I don't it is a yellow stripe - but I don't know much about B&W photography! ;)

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I suggest to end discussion of this medal in this thread and in this section of the Forum.

The following discussion will be moved to the more appropriate (for this medal) section of the forum (Rest of the World: Militaria & History). To the Ulsterman land ;)

And now farewell photo portrait

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I recently acquired attached Florence Nightingale medal awarded in 1931 to Minna Weiss.

Been on the look out for one for many years but the ones I ran into were either in museums (I recall seeing quite a few displayed at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra) or, very few cases, far too expensive for my taste at dealers/auctions.

More research to do, but it seems like Minna Weiss was a German nurse who also spent time (with her husband, a physician) in the German colonies in Africa.


"Die Bethel Mission, als Evangelische Missionsgesellschaft für Deutsch-Ostafrika 1886 gegründet, hat sich 1970 aufgelöst und ist in der Rheinischen Mission aufgegangen, die sich dann Vereinigte, jetzt Vereinte Evangelische Mission nennt. Der Aktenbestand umfasst und dokumentiert die Arbeit im heutigen Tansania und Ruanda und ebenso für eine kurze Zeit in Java/Indonesien."

Heimatarbeit der Bethel-Mission (vemission.org)

Which makes reference to her husband (Reinhard Grotz) and also to Minna Weiss passing away in 1972.

"Reinhard Grotz (1883-1969) - Lebenslauf, 1910 - Ärztliche Zeugnisse für Reinhard Grotz u. Braut Minna Weiß, 1910 - Korrespondenz, 1910-1920 + 1948-1969 - Todesanzeige für Reinhard Grotz u. Nachruf, 1969 - Todesanzeige für Minna Grotz, 1972"

There's also some brief references available online (Red Cross site) around the awarding to Minna Weiss:

Allemagne (icrc.org)

"Presentation of the Florence Nightingale medal.

The Nightingale Medal awarded to Sister Minna Weiss

was presented to her in a ceremony organized for the

circumstance at the Hospital of the city of Plauen, that sister

Minna leads as senior sister.

The President, Dr Streit and Madam Superior

von den Brincken had come from Dresden; from Plauen, the

the city's senior medical adviser, Dr Schubart,

the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dr Breitung and

two members of the Albertverein branch committee

had joined the sisters serving in the city to

celebrate the recipient.


President, Dr Streit, delivered a speech:

after honoring the memory of Florence Nightingale,

he stressed the importance of the distinction to which we

united his name; the speaker recalled the eminent services

that Sister Minna Weiss has, under the sign of the Red Cross,

returned to Germany and abroad; finally he resumed

Sister Minna the Nightingale Medal.

The president of the German Red Cross and Mrs.

the Commissioner of the Sisters of the Red Cross had sent "

wishes, to which those present joined

their congratulations."




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It appears that way on the picture but the ribbon isn't long enough to put over (any) head. I suspect part of the suspension (pin?) is just missing.

In another thread there's a FN medal awarded on the exact same date to a different person. Nice coincidence.

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23 minutes ago, Bob said:

Aha - it's a small world :)


it's indeed.

By the way, this is how your medal looked like while (about three years ago) at Thies auction.







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