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Help needed for unknown award document 1912

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Hi all,

here I have a unknown award document of an imperial german soldier who had over 30 years military service as Zahlmeister, he went everywhere... China, ww1 and the hard Weimar times. I have over 30 documents of him, some signed by very high people like Von Hindenburg and Groener. Here is now an award document that I cannot read, I think it is maybe bulgarian? It is made of thick high quality paper and is very big: 30x45cm !!! It is a double paper, on one picture you can see it complete with 60x90cm !!! It is dated on 26.5.1912 and has the award N?66 !!! I think you can see everything on the pictures, if more info is needed please mail.

My questions are:

What country is this award document from?

What award is this document for?

What was this award given for?

Can someone show me the award?

Thank you very much for your help!!!


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Its bulgarian (as states the crown on the weapon crest on your first image) secondly, and I am not into buylgarian orders at all, I thinks it has something to do wuth an order of Alexander? At least that's what I read in the bold letters (just comparing a bit with the letters of the name of grimm translated in german underneath. But than again, just a wild guess......... :blush:

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very interesting..... I have never seen this cross before :jumping: thanks for the help so far...

maybe it helps if I tell you the stations of his life that I know from the documents I have...

1. 2 shooting books 1892-1895 Magdeburger Infanterie Rgt N?66

2. award document shooting badge (Sch?tzenabzeichen) 1894 Magdeburger Infanterie Rgt N?66

3. Centenarmedal 1897 Infanterie Rgt "Herzog von Holstein" (Holsteinisches N?85)

4. Marriage document 1900 in Shanghai (now Zahlmeister-Aspirant at 5.Ostasiatisches Inf.Rgt)

5. China medal bronze 1901 3.Ostasiatisches Infanterie Rgt (now as Zahlmeister-Aspirant)

6. 9y service medal 1902 in Tientsin as Zahlmeister-Aspirant 3.Ostasiatisches Inf.Rgt

7. Bestallung as Unterzahlmeister for the Zahlmeister-Aspirant Feldwebel in 1906 at Bezirkskommando Magdeburg (original signature by Von Hindenburg)

8. Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen in 1911 as Unterzahlmeister in 4.Th?ringisches Infanterie Rgt N?72

9. now comes our bulgarian friend... ;)

10. Bestallung as Zahlmeister in 1913 by prussian war ministry

11. Iron cross 1.class as Zahlmeister in 1918 at 5.Lothringisches Infanterie Rgt.N?144

12. 25y Long service cross as Zahlmeister in 1920 at 5.Lothringisches Infanterie Rgt.N?144

13. Bestallung as Kassensekret?r (some kind of civil Zahlmeister) in 1920 at a Berlin ministry

14. Honour cross for frontfighters as Kasseninspektor in 1934

15. silver honour needle of the Kyffh?userbund in 1941

Here ends my nearly 50 years of history of Oskar Grimm, but I would still want to know what he got that bulgarian one for.... ;)


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Couldn't it be that the Czar was the regimental inhaber of one of the regiments this guy belonged to? Or would that be a silly reason for being awarded a foreign decoration?

I must say the bulgarian decorations are really beautiful!! I really like the type of crown and cross they used!

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