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Help needed - photos of German officers w Croat awards

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Dear all,

I'm working on the book about German officers who were awarded with Croatian awards; I have enought original awarding documents but lacking of photos.

I was this week in Belgrade in Military museum, but to access theirs photo archive seems not to be simple as German officers still beara tag of ''war criminal'' and

I would need a special clearance (which on my oppinion won't be easy to get).

However, so far my cooperation with museum was very good (working on Serbian & Yugoslav decorations) but attitude to foreigners (as I am for them) and WW2 is still...

I'm kindly asking you if you have any photos with German officers wearing Croatian awards, I would appreciate good scans indeed.

I'll as well kindly ask you to allow publishing in my book, of course stated the owner or collection.

There were 2322 decorated German officers, who got alltogether 2803 decorations; 8 of them were decorated more than 10 times (18 decoration max; gen. Josef Brauner), 10 officers were got between 5 - 10 awards,

260 were decorated more than once...

If any of you is interested in names or units, i'll be glad to help

Some photos must be arround......

thanks in advance, Pavel

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