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I wish this thread had not been brought to the front--reminds me of the things I don't have and are probably way out of reach now if located.

Thought I share some of my items. I love Gas warfare paraphernalia- I posted a thread on the British board on my British Gas Helmets: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/53373-great-war-gas-helmets-and-goggles/

Here is my Segeltuchtasche15 (Unfortunately no contents):

Here is my Gasmaske 15 (Linienmaske) with all straps intact:

I'm not sure of the markings and I assume that is a 1916 date????

Here is the next iteration of Gummimask (Rahmenmaske 16):

Its a size 1

Here is a Rahmenmaske in the bereitschaftsbuchse17: I've actually never had this mask out of the can.

Hope this is of interest.

Joe Sweeney

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Love that first pattern cloth carrier. You don't see very many that weren't modified to accommodate the Bereitschaftsbüchse. Eric's example clearly shows the changes that were made, i.e., the one cloth inner panel that was removed, the cloth closure tab being added to the smaller compartment and the "d" rings that were added to the backs of the belt straps.

It looks like your Tasche was made by "S&B Loewenberg Sohne, Berlin WBS". The 1916 examples by Loewenberg were normally dated.


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I came across a mention in a German language book about WW I that training sessions took place to have the gasmask cans carried in a fashion that the masks could be put on in a flash. Covers were disengaged with the mask deployed in the retainer can that it could be removed and put on in one motion. The cans carried in front as many pictures show. The described way could of course only be carried out when in a static deployment and not on the move.

Bernhard H. Holst

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