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An Engine Room Artificer and his ship

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Is there a way of finding out which ship or ships a certain Engine Room Artificer served on during the Great War?

I'd prefer an online search as I'm an 8 hour (at least) drive, 4 countries and the Channel away from the PRO :(



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Uh :unsure: Tony? What was his, uh NAME? :rolleyes::P

You mean the warrant level type "Artificer" and not a Petty Officer rating?


Are you referring to the thread on WO's from last summer? I think a "dunno" is the best you'll get from me, maybe Jim or Nick can answer that. :rolleyes:

I'm at work at the moment but I think his name was Fain, E.R.A.3., H. Fain.


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Thanks Michael,

He's Horace Frank Fain from Godalming.

I had a girlfriend who lived there but I can't remember her name :off topic:

I'll splash out the ?3.50 to see what his record says.


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