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Crete Photo Album from 1897 inc. Seaforth Highlanders

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What an excellent series of photos. A real bonus having ancestors who actually recorded their experiences.

Heraklion harbour looks much the same as when I was there in 1980, apart from all of the restaurants overflowing onto the pavement.


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Alec - another series of exceptional old photographs. The European powers were there to try and save lives - but, what a savage and inhospitable place. Amazing the difference 114 years can make - package tourists wouldn't have wanted this old version ....

I am sure all of the pictures are of great interest to an historian - clothes,weapons, foods etc.. However, there are four that I would like to make comment-on.

No.19 Firing the salute. Surely they would have been safer firing directly ahead ?

No.14 More seriously, this is interesting in that it shows senior naval officers still wearing frock coats. The caps would have been

of the pattern with a narrower crown - pity the sun has caught the white cover. Also, see how high the medal ribbons bars

are being worn.

No.23 Regimental march past. Note the 4 Pioneers in front of the Colonel on horseback. Two are carrying axes and two - spades.

No.25 The salute by naval ships - presumably from different Navies ? 1897 still had the old pre-Dreadnought battleships in

action - most are two funnel ships, with early type destroyers in front. The bigger ships behind could be cruisers. This

really is going back in time.

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"Admiral & his Captains on British Man of War"

Well, I glad to see the ship's dog didn't suffer from malnutrition! :whistle:

Extremely wonderful photos!!!

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Many thanks for posting these outstanding images.

Two companies of the Border Regiment (which I was fortunate enough to serve in before it disappeared) were deployed on the international force in Crete in 1897, so I will pass the images on to the regimental museum in Carlisle.


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