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H.H. Blake, O.B.E., M.B. (R.A.M.C.)

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I am looking for information on the military career of a certain Colonel H.H. Blake, O.B.E., M.B. (R.A.M.C). I have done several different searches in the London Gazette online archive, and I have found a few details, such as he served as DDMS with the acting rank of Major-General from 16th Sept. to 27th Nov. 1939 and again 19th Jan. to 27th June 1940, where he relinquished his appointment. Now I have also been able to find a few bits on his WWI career in the LG but that doesn't interest me, however his full name and information on his senior military career has escaped me despite having tried various search methods in the LG archive (sadly the search function leaves much to wish for). So I was hoping that the fact that he was bestowed with an O.B.E. might make it possible for some of you to provide me with some information.

anything will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Steen Ammentorp

The Generals of World War II

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I don't find him in the 1935 British edition of "Who's Who?" or in the 1970 edition of Burke's Peerage (one never knows about those strange English and the younger sons of Milords....).

Since he retired in June 1940 when every warm body was being pressed into service, I would guess that he might then have been "too old" even for such perilous times.

Has anybody got him in a circa World War One Army List?

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Harold Henry Blake, OBE, MB, RAMC

Born 1 Aug 83; son of Henry Blake, MB, BS of Great Yarmouth

Educated at Framlingham, 1898-1900 (Sub-prefect; Swimming Captain) and St. George's Hospital

Served with Northumberland Fusiliers (Volunteers), 1902-03

BS, MB, Durham University, 1907

Lieut, RAMC, 4 Feb 08

House Surgeon, Cancer Hospital, Brompton, 1907

Capt, RAMC, 4 Aug 11

Served in France and Belgium from Dec 14 to May 15, and from Mar 18 to end of war.

Mentioned in Despatches in LG 30 Dec 18 and 10 Jul 19 (1914-15 Star, BWM, VM)

Brevet Major, RAMC, 3 Jun 18

Acting Lt Col, RAMC, 13 Jun 18 to 21 Aug 19

OBE, LG 3 June 1919

Served on the NW Frontier of India 1930-31 (Medal and Clasp)

Lt Col, RAMC, 31 Aug 32

Colonel, 30 May 33

In 1933 he married Winifred Brandon, daughter of H. Lea Smith of Wimbledon, 2 sons, 1 daughter

Asst Director of Medical Services, China, 1933 to 1938

Deputy Director of Medical Services, Western Command (Acting Maj Gen), 1939-1940

Retired, 30 May 40

Assistant Director of Medical Service, Aldershot, 1941-1943

Honourary Maj Gen, 1 Aug 43

From 1943 to 1946, Ministry of Pensions and appointed as Superintendent, Stoke Mandeville Hospital near Aylesbury.

From 1947, employed by Seaford Rural District Council and lived at Links Cottage, Rother Road, Seaford.

Sources: Framlingham College Register; Medical Directory, 1933 and 1936; Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed, and Official Classes, 1945; Handbook to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire; various monthly and quarterly Army Lists.

Regards. Gunner 1

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Rick: I am afraid that if you find those references obscure that the rest of my library must border on the insane: 500+ British School, College and University Registers and Rolls of Honour; 300+ Army Lists; 150+ Royal Artillery unit histories; and 900+ Russian language books on Soviet Aces and Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Wierd!!! Gunner 1

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Nay nay... while individual Guildees may be strange, bizarre, and occasionally temporarily insane, our SOURCES are rather, say...



Much that was known is not lost or forgotten... by us, anyway! :cheers:

The Intergalactic Guild of Obscure & Arcane Human Reference Sources Keepers


Hey, SOMEBODY has to know this stuff! If not us, who? :rolleyes:

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