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Australia - National Emergency Medal

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Just came across this news item from Australia:

A new honour for members of the community who perform extraordinary acts or provide special services during a national emergency has been proposed by the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Ms Gillard has written to the Governor-General Quentin Bryce recommending the Queen establish a new medal for that purpose.

She said the medal, to be called the “National Emergency Medal”, would recognise extraordinary or sustained services to others during a national emergency such as the recent floods.

Ms Gillard said the award would also be back-dated to cover the Victorian bushfires in 2009.

Read the complete article here: http://www.psnews.com.au/Page_psn2505.html


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I took in two temporarily homeless refugees for a couple of weeks until their home was returned to its pre flood state. Does this mean I'm a candidate? :unsure:

Seriously though it's no doubt meant for the emergency services and rangers who are constantly working during floods and bush fires.


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No, Tony - you don't get one - at least not for that. However, I'm proud to be a fellow member with someone who so immediately gave aid and help.

I cannot recall so many terrible disasters in such a short time - and now I read that Victoria and Perth are also being affected. We also have floods in Brasil , also in South Africa and Sri Lanka + the many volcanos in Indonesia. My Grandmother always blamed the 'atom bombs' - she was born in 1873 - but, I am now wondering what is causing all of these ?

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