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German Sniper Award in silver

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Never handled one of these myself but if you compare the one offerred to you with the one shown on the rear cover of 'Foremans's Guide to Third Reich German Awards' then it's not good.

The whole construction on yours looks wrong and the detail of the eagle and it's beak just doesn't look right compared to the one illustrated. (Not sure if we can scan the image from the book? Copyright etc?)

Also bearing in mind the rarity of such awards is it just too good to be true?

Best regards Simon

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Known originals? Forman's guide photos? Anyone ever seen a photo of one being worn at the time? No, I don't think so. Oh sure, it was instituted and some examples were probably made but nobody in their right mind would wear anything like this in the field because snipers got rough, often terminal treatment if captured. Anyone seen any paybooks with the requisite entry?

Dan, no need to tell you now, I'm sure, but for the record, drop it like used bog paper.


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