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A German Hussar in England?

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I have had this postcard for some time now and am still struggling to positively identify the Regiment of the man shown.

To my untrained eye the man wears a uniform similar to that of the German Hussars however his cuff braid appears to lack the small loops I have seen on other Hussar tunics and I have been unable to identify his shoulder straps. His cap appears to bear only the Prussian cockade and his sword does not look like a Cavalry issued weapon.(I'm no expert though!)

To make matters worse the postcard is English made stating the postage cost as 'a halfpenny inland, one penny foreign'! and is completely blank having never been used.

My other thought was that he was wearing a self designed Attila type tunic whilst abroad in England?

Any ideas please Ladies and Gentlemen. :cheers:

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Agreed. I am seeing something like corporal stripes on the cuffs AND really badly braided knock-off-looking majors' shoulder knots. The rest may have been thrown together from what had once been real pieces.

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