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The Blood of Brazil Medal WWII

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This oval bronze medal was instituted on 5 July 1945 for Brazilian troops and civilians who served in war operations and who were injured through actions

against the enemy. The three stars on the obverse are symbolic of the three wounds received by Brigadier Sampaio at the battle of Tuiuti in 1866, against Paraguay.

Across the obverse is a scroll inscribed "Sangue Do Brasil" (Blood of Brazil). The reverse shows the globe as it is also displayed on the Brazilian national flag.



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That is a very attractive medal. Is it still in use today for those who are wounded in battle? What other WW2 medals are there for Brazil?

Hello Paul!

Blood Medal of Brazil it is no longer delivered since 1945.

There is 4 more medals for the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II.

Campaign Medal

War Medal

Combat Cross 1st class

Combat Cross 2nd class


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Do you have any of those in your collection? I would love to see these medals.

Hello Paul

Yes I have almost all ..

I just do not have the Combat Cross 1st Class. medals and one of the rarest Brazilian War between the Brazilian collectors it costs on average $ 1,500.

I'll post in the forum this week.

but as a preview, they are on my website

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Here is the picture os the 2 types.


On the left, the original version 1945, and the original box of issue. On the right, the 60's version, made by Randall, a local medal maker in Rio. This version is much more rare.

Photo by Jerome.


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