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Well, here's one I didn't see coming. The British Order of Merit has been reinstated in the Canadian Honours System.


Anybody know when this happened? I has to be recent, I just only found out by going on the DHH web site for some other info.

My understanding was that all the non-political decorations that are conferred by HM on her own initiative, as opposed to "on the advice of her ministers", provided that they are non-titular,have remained part of the Canadian Honours System throughout.

In effect this means the Royal Victorian Chain, Order of Merit, the Royal Victorian Order in the ranks of Commander, Lieutenant and Member, and the Royal Victorian Medal.

Appointments are listed in both the London Gazette and Canada Gazette. There are usually a few appointments to the Royal Victorian Order every year.

Pretty much the same applies in Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica. Though in these cases HM is entitled to confer the titular decorations also, i.e. the Garter, Thistle, GCVO and KCVO.


James Hoard

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James, I'm sure you're 100% correct.

The fact remains though, this particular decoration had been summarily removed from our awards system, it only just reappeared out of thin air after many decades. The only one retained from day one that is still there is the Royal Victorian Order. Although the OBE and DFC were retained for some obscure reasons for 10 or 12 years (obscure meaning serving generals had them and they were removed upon their retirement. How utterly aristocratic and sickening.)

If this is the result of a rationalization of our awards system to fix past errors, I'm all for it. On the other hand, if this was done merely to allow a politician or high military person to receive and wear such an award, then I will be utterly disgusted with the entire affair.

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