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Horsa Glider

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This is a replica of a Horsa Glider taken at the Pegaus Bridge memorial in Normandy. Can anyone confirm that the Glider Regiment was the shortest lived regiment in the British Army?

I have also read that when they made the movie "The Longest Day" the director wanted to build a replica of the Horsa and fly it into Normandy but The Ministry of Aviation said it was not fly worthy. Christ they were brave men flying it and sitting in it!

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Hello Craig!

According to Regiments.org (link), the Glider Pilot Regiment existed between 1941-12-21 and 1957-09-01, while for example The Highlanders existed between 1994-09-17 and 2006-03-28. There has to have been quite an amount of "wartime only" regiments which didn't make it into their teens as well.


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