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Garde K?rassier M1889/97 with parade eagle...

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Hello gents

I thought maybe some of you would be interested to see my latest aquisition .... a Prussian Garde K?rassier M1889/97 metalhelm complete with Parade Eagle - it's prolifically marked all over the helmet to the GKR, the unit, and various other inventory numbers crop up.. but I can't quite get to the bottom of the maker mark.

It appeared to me to be DAMASCHKE - but it's also possible it is JAMASCHKE - I favour the former, but this is most definitely not my field!!

Anyone able to help here??

thanks - if anyone wants more pics, let me know...




Maker Mark...


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does it actuallt fit?

Who cares?


OMFG That is gorgeous. The maker is DAMASCHKE. I do not know anything else about them except they made a number of metal helms GdC, GKR, Kurrasier, JzP, and the 1915 and ersatz types of the above.

Dan Murphy

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