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Unknown Bavarian Officer with Ribbon bar

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I cant remenber if I had shown this pic before ?

Couldn´t find any earlier thread so maybe its new :rolleyes:

The name looks like von Fouchardt or something like it ??

He has some awards

EK I , Wound badge on the chest and

BMVO wKr ? EK II , Oldenburg FA II , Hamburg , and Austria ?

Anyone who can help me with awards or name


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Aha! von Bomhard !

After a check in Bavarian Kriegs Ranglisten I can see he was son of GenMaj Karl von Bomhard and attached to 4. Chevauleger-Regiment

He was really in the hot spot from 1914 and on :whistle:

In October 1914- Feb 1915 he was in Somme

October 1915 in Tirol

June 1916 in Verdun

1917 August wounded

Fighting in East, Dunaburg 1917

and fighting in Flandern until end of war EK II 12.9.14

EK I 21.12.15

Austria MVK III m Krd 13.3.17

Mecklenburg Schw KvK 22.9.17

MVO IV X 31.10.17

Wound badge Black

Does anyone know if he stayed in uniform during the second world war ?

Thanks for putting me right on the name :cheers:


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Yes, very nice!

Felix von Bomhard ended WW2 as Oberst (seniority 1.12.1942).

And this is Felix' grandfather, General Theodor von Bomhard (1841-1945):




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Very interesting photo indeed. That must have been taken between 1934 and 1938. There is the Hindenburg, but the Austrian awards are still at the end of his bar, therefore pre-Anschluss, probably.

He was in Finland, I see several Finnish awards, including the White Rose on his neck.

He is not to be confused with General Theodor von Bomhard though. Do you know his exact first name?



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