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Red Cross Collection


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Nice collection. I have a few medals and badges mainly British Red Cross. Some are from WW1 & WW2. :rolleyes:

I also have a german Red Cross ladies badge with swastika and Japanese Red Cross medal plus a Japanese lacquerware dish celebrating Red Cross anniversary.

It's a different area to collect but still as enjoyable as collecting military medals, badges etc.

I did post mine last year but can't remember in which section. :speechless:

Nice collection though and well presented in their frame!

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Found it! "Wartime Red Cross collection", page 3 of this section, collectors showcase if you are interested?:D

I looked at your "Wartime Red Cross Collection". You have some nice medals and named too!!! I bid on some British Red Cross medals years ago but always got outbid. That's the way it goes. Thanks for sharing your collection.


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Here is my WW I portuguese Red Cross medal awarded to an ambulance personnel, with the Ambleteuse bar (portuguese military expeditionary corps hospital on the WWI France front)...


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Outstanding Portuguese medalS! Wait until Tom Fife see these! I did not know they even existed. Yes you can still get red cross medals by joining certain organizations. I think the Japanese, Cambodian and Ethiopian Red Cross still issue medals to donor too.

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