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War Medal - Brazil WWII

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Decree No. 6795 of August 17, 1944, regulated by Decree No. 16821 of 13 October 1944.

Purpose: To reward the officers on active duty, reserve and retired, and civilians who have rendered outstanding service of any nature relating to the war effort, preparation of troops, or the particular tasks performed by the Government, within or outside the country was also granted the military of the United Friends of hosts or Allied cooperating national war effort.


obverse: the temple is a cross with a diamond center where the Southern Cross (National Weapons). The cross is found superimposed on a laurel and oak (symbol of the military and civic value).reverse: in high relief, is engraved the date of 22-VIII-1942, which is the date of the Declaration of War in Brazil;

Ribbon: camlet silk, yellow, green border with the sides.




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Unfortunately I have no way of knowing how many were because the medal was awarded to civilians in the war effort.

In the decree of 1944 the Medal of War was approved only for senior officials.

But it was also granted to American instructors (NCO), but not for the soldiers and sergeants Brazilians.

I will never understand this injustice. ..


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