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Afghanistan Parade


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Hi all..

The danish soldiers who just came home from Afghanistan had a parade in Copenhagen yesterday.

If anybody want full resolution pictures (10 megapixel), just tell me..

Below are interesting medal-combinations:

Danish Home Guard soldier - Nice to see volunteers do some INTOPS-service:

(Note the left medal is the NEW medal for INTOPS in Afghanistan)


It's not everyday you see a Danish Captain with a US Army medal. Unfortunately he was in a hurry, so I didn't find out how he got it.


A Danish Captain with both Médaille de la Défense Nationale from France and the.. Ehm.. Is it the Nordstjärneorden 1st class or is it the Nordstjärnemedaljen? (Order of the North Star or Medal of the North star).

Interesting to see he has both medals from France and Sweden.IMG_0570.JPG

I talked shortly to the Generals earlier on the day, but when I met them again the didn't have time for picture-taking.

From left to right: Generalmajor (Major General), Oberst (Colonel), Brigadegeneral (Brigadier General) and behind them on the right is a Generál-Mayór (Major General).


And this is just a nice picture, i wanted to share:


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