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The sitter and the photographer

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One of my recent buys is this Cabinet size photo of a so far unidentified German Genaral (help needed with identification).

But the bright shining buttons mirror the interior of the potographer's workshop, and there we see the artist standing next to his large camera.



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Nice photograph but not a General Officer. He is an Oberst. The cypher looks like an "A" surmounted by a crown and the shoulder board appears to have white underlay. Perhaps the Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 1?



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Thanks for your observations Glenn.

The photo is obviously one from a series (Porträt Gallerie) of German celebs, so that made me think that he would be a general but it can also be a famous Oberst. Which leads me to the question, if a general is an (honorary) regimental commander, would he be wearing the regimental crests on his generals' shoulder boards?

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Thanks gents for your helpful input, please keep the little grey cells cracking....

Would this be a Franco-German officer or Great War?

The photo was published in a series, so he must have been a celebrity of some renown.

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