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Leutn/d Res. Enger, Fuss Inf. Rgt Nr. 56

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Dear Colleagues,

Can anyone help me with additional information on the subject named German Officer? He was awarded his EK1 on Jan 22, 1918. My initial research on this man is described below; however I have limited resources. Any additional information about this officer would be greatly appreciated.

The EK1 is engraved in script to a Leutn/d Res. Enger, F.R 56, 22.1.18, Kriegsjahr/1918. According to one of my references, Imperial German Headgear (1888-1914), Infanterie-Regiment Nr.56 (7. Westfallsches) Third Bataillon was Fusilier. So I presume the unit mark "F.R. 56" would be for the Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 56 III Bataillon. I have done some preliminary research in the 1914 German Reserve Officer Rankliste and the Ehrenliste 1914-1919 published in 1926 but I can find no officer active or reserve from any regiment by the name of Enger.

On the internet I found that in 1914 the 14th Infantry Division, 79. Infanterie-Brigade, was composed of the following regiments:

Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr (3. Westfälisches) Nr. 16

Infanterie-Regiment Vogel von Falkenstein (7. Westfälisches) Nr. 56

Infanterie-Regiment Herzog Ferdinand von Braunschweig (8. Westfälisches) Nr. 57

Also in that same year the following was found for IR 56:

III. Bataillon

Bataillons-Kommandeur: Major Zöllner

Bataillons-Adjutant: Leutnant Josef Harpe

Bataillons-Arzt: Stabsarzt der Reserve Dr. Brömel

Assistenz-Arzt: Unterarzt der Reserve Dr. Löw

Verpflegungsoffizier: Leutnant der Reserve Merkel

Bataillons-Zahlmeister: Zahlmeister Rau

Bataillons-Schreiber: Vizefeldwebel Pöler

And under the 9. Kompanie for the III batailion:

Kompanie-Chef: Oberleutnant Krätschell (v. I.R. 15)

Leutnant der Reserve Dickmann

Leutnant Schrepffer

Offizierstellvertreter Conrads

Offizierstellvertreter von Amelunxen

Kompanie-Feldwebel: Feldwebel Engeler

Note that the 9th Kompanie Feldwebel's name "Engeler." This is so very close to the name "Enger" on the award that I'm thinking there must be a typo in official records and they are the very same man. Of course the engraving must be the correct spelling. This would especially be true if some promotion record can be found showing the Feldwebel promoted to Ltn d Res. on or before the year 1918.

I understand that there is a published regimental history of IR 56 and there may be limited edition gazettes that might have additional information about this particular German Reserve Office. These references I do not have. Any information that might help solve the mystery would be appreciated.

Sincerely, John

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....... So I presume the unit mark "F.R. 56" would be for the Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 56 III Bataillon.

Hi John,

I've never read a "F. R. 56" for an Infantry-Regiment (also not for the third (Füsilier)-Bataillon)!

Can we see the backside of the EK1 !? Best regards, ;)


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... I think we solved the "puzzle", it's not a "FR" - it's an "IR", in the old german Kurrent-Script!

The letter "i" looks like a "F" : Deutsche Kurrentschrift – Wikipedia

... so the infantry-regiment is correct: IR 56 – GenWiki

Maybe you will find the Reserve-Officer in the regimental-history:

Dr. phil. Martin Schultz: "Das Infanterie- Regiment Vogel von Falckenstein (7.Westfälisches) Nr.56 im Großen Kriege 1914/18". 1926 Berlin, Albrecht Blau Verlag, 328 Seiten.

Best regards, beer.gif


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I find this post exceptionally interesting as I also possess an EKI that is beautifully engraved to Leutnant d Res. Enger. I, too, would appreciate any additional information concerning this officer.

In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to contribute some images of my Enger EK that has been in my collection for over 30 years. My impression of the engraving is that it reads to an infantry regt.

Kind regards,



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... My impression of the engraving is that it reads to an infantry regt.


Hello Erickn,

that's a very nice "KO" iron-cross from the same lieutenant - great!!! cheers.gif

And yes - the engraving means: Inftr. Regt. 56

Best regards,


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Close up of the characters. Note, the lighter images are of John's Screwback.





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Attached is a photo from the IR 56 Regimental history book: .Dr. phil. Martin Schultz: "Das Infanterie- Regiment Vogel von Falckenstein (7.Westfälisches) Nr.56 im Großen Kriege 1914/18". 1926 Berlin, Albrecht Blau Verlag, 328 Seiten. Lt. d. R. Enger is shown as number 103 on the list.

I want to thank John for the photos and the information on Ltn. Enger that he has so kindly provided.

Kind regards,


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Thanks so much for posting my pictures and comparisons. I think we are all in agreement that the EK1s are from Infantry Regiment 56. Also, it looks like the engraving on both medals might have been done by the same engraver.

There is more to the Ltn d R Enger story and it is contained in the regimental history book. He is mentioned two other times in the text of the book. I'm going to get those sections translated and will post my findings. Apparently he was in charge of a MW unit and involved in a stormtroop assault. The book appears to cover the action in some detail. So more to follow in that regard.

Also, I looked up the 14th Division in 250 German Divisions to which the IR 56 was assigned throughout the war. This division was assessed as a good division by US intelligence and the 1st French Army commented on Jan 18, 1918 in a note that the division "is a division destined to attack." For most of 1917, the division was involved at Chemin Des Dames and was engaged in the Flirey sector just before being relieved on 13 Jan 1918. It was noted that they sustained very heavy losses with many prisoners and that much of the division was decimated by French artillery. Ltn Enger was awarded his EK1 on 22 Jan 18 just a few days after his unit was relieved in the Flirey sector (east of St. Mihiel) by the 78th Reserve Division. So the date on the award would make a lot of sense.


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