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hero of socialist labour document?

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I have get this document today,

but can you help me about the russian text,

is this for a hero of socialist labour order?

is the decoration number 605?

thanks and regards daniel

Hi Daniel,

This document is for a Hero of Socialist Labor. I can't actually speak Russian, but I can read it well enough to type it in to google translator. Here's what I got:

"а ваши исключительные заслуги перед государством:

выразившиеся в получении в 1947 году урожая сахарной свеклы 605 центнеров о гектара на площади 2 гектара."

"and your exceptional service to the state:

expressed in receiving in 1947 the harvest of sugar beet 605 quintals per hectare on an area of 2 hectares."

It's neat how these documents tell the story. :cheers:


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