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The American firm of Collins and Co. established a very good pattern for an Army issue Machete. Within a hide scabbard - the blade was well balanced, with a strong handle. The demand was so high in the early part of the war - before the US was involved - that they had to allow manufacture, under license, in other Countries.

This included Britain and an example is shown with the US one. Slightly smaller , and with a different grip - it is otherwise identical. Even to the fold-over at the bottom of the hide sheath.

The US one was called the Legitimus and this particular one has an early number - 1250 and the date 1940. The British one was made by Marmadale in Birmingham and has a first batch number of 227. They used the crocodile as their trademark. The blade has suffered a little on it's reverse - people will use them to chop logs !

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