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Singer, General and Wife

Lukasz Gaszewski

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This lady is one of the most popular singers in the PR of China. She is best known for her patriotic and ethnic songs. She is also a Major General of the Chinese People's Army. Additionally, she is the wife of Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping.

I recently saw in a magazine a photo of her at a performance, in a uniform with a nice array of ribbons. Any idea about Ms. Peng's honours? An interesting thing is that although the ribbons seem to repeat, they are worn in a random sequence.


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Hello Lukasz Gaszewski,

I have to say that I know virtually nothing about the decorations of the PR of China; but found your post to be very interesting.

I have found other pictures of her on the net showing the same ribbons.

The only thing that I could think of was to go to the OMSA site and see what they might have. I was surprised to see that not one

of Comrade Peng’s ribbons matches up with anything on their database. Granted that their database probably does not encompass

the full range of possibilities; but wouldn’t you think that one or two....?

The mystery deepens. Hopefully one of our fellow members can provide some answers.


Wild Card

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