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Bronze Stars to Internationals during Vietnam


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Hi everyone,

Hope I'm in the right forum, if not please feel free to boot this thread over to east asia section.

Anyways, during some lunch time research today, I happened to stumble across a website dealing with the Thai Volunteers in Vietnam (RTAVF).

I was very surprised in reading the article about a few thai men who were awarded the bronze star for valor.

One soldier on the website had two stars and a glowing account of how he drew fire to protect his fellow men. Brilliant!

Anyways, with that in mind, I searched through NARA and was amazed to see 287 records for thai soldiers from the Thailand Army as being presented the Bronze Star for valor.

Was this sort of occurance normal? I have no idea on how many thai's went to vietnam to volunteer, but its great to see so many awarded for their efforts.

In conclusion, I'm also wondering whats the chances of finding any of these stars for collecting and research? I suppose the only way is to look around with the numbers in hand and hope. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I have heard that most bronze stars don't have a written commendation. I suppose this would include international forces? What are the chances for full research here?

P.S. Here is the website for those who are interested in reading about the Thailand Vietnam unit and the soldier mentioned above:


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I'd expect to see a written citation for every Bronze Star. Unfortunately, the US doesn't have a gazetting system like the UK. I'm sure someone here will be able to tell you how best to research it. US medals are not always engraved with the recipient's name (mine aren't, and I'm a Viet Nam vet). You could look for Thai-sounding names engraved on the medal, but even then, you might wind up with an ethnic Thai who is a US citizen. The citation should probably tell you whether he's US or RTA / RTAF.

Happy hunting!


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Hello! Very surprising topic you have! I am very interested in...everything regards international awards. Very interesting, Americans fighting against communist in the jungle? I always like...? I believe the Vietnamese troops were successfully utilizing the Russian famous avoidance of enemy attacks and successful counter attacks. They were skillful for that but not since cultural? ism of togetherness, being soldier and citizen was... Anyway, usually a War is like against ism. Usually when Saigon falls, so be it. And someone awarded medal for that effort. Cause and effect is/was distinct? maybe. So how successful is your collection?

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