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Brave German Soldier fighting in Finland

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although Kassel in Spring was mostly a disappointment in the last years...this time I found sth nice fresh from the woodwork.

Looking at the medals...what would have been the cv of this soldier?

Fighting in WW 1 and in the Third Reich being a civilian "helper"?

Unfortunately the Finnish Liberty Cross is missing the iddle part..but the price was good :speechless:



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Hi Detlev,

I saw that bar at the show in Kassel. I didn't even ask the dealer to inspect it more closely, because I didn't like the fact that the order of the medals on the bar is completely off... The KVK should come after the EK (quite a common error for those soldiers who put together by themselves), but even worse the Finnish should come at last, as foreign order, not to speak about the fact that it's medallion is missing.



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Hi @ all,

my opinion is, that he put the medals in the order as he received them..this could explain the strange order.

That the the center part of the liberty cross is missing, is a pity, but nevertheless it is quite a nice piece...maybe in Germany manufactured...but this only can be proofed by the way the center part is/was designed.

The medal bar looks old...and even the "Knopfloch-thing" (I do not know the English expression) looks old and used and not manipulated...here the order of the medals is also "strange": first: Iron Cross; second: Liberty Cross etc.



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