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What is a Shot Bucket?

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I picked up a leather carrying bucket last weekend at a junk store, described as a 'shot bucket'. It has the royal coat of arms on it, below which is an embossed 'N'. There are also some number embossed in the bottom. It is lined with canvas, and very well made. Does anyone have experience with these things?

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Mike, thanks for confirming my hunch. I'm assuming these date from the age of sail? Also, would the numbers on the bottom of the bucket be useful in determining the type of shot?

Yes these were used in the age of sail by the Powder Monkey's...... As to shot, no I do not think so, but I think that they were more for powder than the shot as the cannon balls would be quite heavy for the Boy, Powder Monkey's would have had a hard time carrying them.....

I have also hear that they were used to carry sand to spread on the deck so the sailors would not slip on the blood and water on deck at the time of battle and water in the time of fire....... But powder was the main use.......


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You may be lucky and have a genuine one - you will need to show a picture for us to see the Royal Arms. The arms will date it to periods and also, if it is genuine they will be hand painted - copies will be transfers. Thousands of copies of these buckets are being made in India and Pakistan and sold to the West.

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