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Dear forumites,

I'd like to present my latest purchase... it's quite a complete group of a pre-war NCO who was then promoted as office during the war. In fact the seller told me that he also got from the family a badly damaged Officers Pickelhaube and some shoulder straps but, unfortunately with the regiment number no more in place. The seller told me that strangely this officer was Prussian (Pickelhaube was Prussian), although it's quite clear that this soldier had very quite tight connection with Mecklenburg Strelitz. The combination Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz + the Hansa cross of Lübeck is quite unique to me, so very likely, if I can't get it from the seller as he promised to ask again the family who sold him the whole group, the wearer of these medals can be identified. I am pretty confident about it.

Here's description of the medals:


• Preußen, Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, 1914 (OEK 1909), E/S

• Mecklenburg-Schwerin, MVK 2. Klasse für Kämpfer 1914 (OEK 1352), G Br

• Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Kreuz für Auszeichnungen im Kriege 2. Kl. für Kämpfer, 1914 (OEK 1412), S

• Lübeck, Hansakreuz 1915-18 (OEK 1265), Ku Br vs

• Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer (OEK 3803/1), Herst. T&T L. (Tweer & Turck, Lüdenscheid)

• Preußen, DA 2. Modell (1913-1920), 1. Kl. für den Soldatenstand nach 15 Dienstjahren, Kreuz (OEK 1974), Ku

• Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen 1. Stufe, 40 Jahre (OEK 3522), Br vg

• Ungarn, 1. Weltkriegs-Erinnerungsmedaille 1914-18 für Kämpfer


• Preußen, Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse, 1914 (OEK 1908), gewölbte Form, Herst. P. Meybauer, Silberpunze 800

• Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Kreuz 1. Kl. für Auszeichnungen im Kriege „für Tapferkeit“, 1914 (OEK 1414/1), Herst. P. Meybauer, Ku Br vs, Haken auf RS zeitgenössisch nachgelötet

Any comments or clues in order to identify the possible bearer of this medal group are most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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The Mecklenburg-Strelitz cross for bravery (für Tapferkeit) is really heavily worn, even more than the Iron Cross 1st class. Interestingly this cross was also made by Paul Meybauer... the catch on the back has been replaced, but I think this was made by his original owner, since he proudly wore it quite frequently. The upper arm of the cross shows the copper-bronze colour of the metal, since the silvering is almost worn off.

Although these crosses are not in pristine conditions, they have a lot of character and it shows that soldiers like the one above were really proud of wearing them, even in battle. I presume that this gay has seen a lot of action during WWI!

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With the group came also a ribbon bar that it's evidently not of the owner, but may be of some other member of his family. It's a Prussian servant (non-combattant) combination, the Allg. Ehrenzeichen ribbon being placed first (just half of it, because very likely they couldn't find the 15mm ribbon for it).

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Even if I am unfortunately not able to help you with your questions, I would like to congratulate to that outstanding complete and fine preserved group!

Best regards, Komtur.

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The 1st class mecklenburg-Stelitz cross with "Fuer Tapferkeit" was awarded ONLY 21 times from 1915-1923. We can eliminate the Royals , Ludendorf and Hindenburg and Eichhorn, which leaves only 15 Generals.That's rare.

The bar is possibly traceable. Does the Meck- Str. medal say 'Tapferkeit or Taperkeit und true".

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The 1st class mecklenburg-Stelitz cross with "Fuer Tapferkeit" was awarded ONLY 21 times from 1915-1923...

This is a mistake done by my good friend Peter-Ohm.

Much, much more as 21 1st classes are arwarded... :whistle:

Regards Seeheld

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