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Italian Army L3/35 tankette Tiny Tank in Tikrit, Iraq 2011

Guest IMHF

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Italian Army L3/35 tankette Tiny Tank in Tikrit, Iraq 2011

Hello fellow GMIC members I have spent many years in Iraq and I found another L3/35 here in Tikrit, Iraq on COB Speicher. I am looking to find out if these were left here after WWII by the Italian 10th Army who surrendered after six months of fighting in Egypt. They could have been sold to the Arabs for the 1948-49 War with Israel. Italy saw a way to get rid of their old stock pile of Armor they no longer needed and saw a way to rebuild by selling off their old Equipment.

I am looking for research on how these Tiny Tanks arrived to be here in Iraq, thank you all for viewing I look forward to what information you can provide.

Thank you


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