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KM Leather Engineering Jacket

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Yes, thats the type usually worn by engine room personnel as opposed to the leather "Deck" jacket worn by other crews. The black type was typically worn by crews of surface vessels with grey leather worn by U-Boat crews but I have certainly seen photos of U-Boat crews wearing black, especially in the early part of the war.

I wonder how many of these ended up being "converted" into "waffen-SS leather Panzer Jackets"

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Thanks for the help Gordon. Would be nice to pin this to a U-Boat but pleased it checks out.

No KM stamps on the leather that I can find Morten. The buttons are a bit of a mix. The top button's stamp says ' Extra Fein' the rest are Overhoff and the Cuff buttons are stamped '19JFS42 KRIEGSMARINE'


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