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I saw this on a site I frequent, the seller is a scammer IMHO, having sold a "genuine Totenkopf ring", with H Himmler inscribed on the inside, a Hindenburg Cross that is a genuine pre-1918 manufacture, and a 1957 EKI and EKII with oakleaves and swords, amongst other genuine items! This is his latest, here is the description, what do you guys think?

"A mint German Kyffhauserbund Veterans Cap.It is in mint condition and was picked up in Chile on a trip I made there about three years ago.Inside it has the Maker name "KYFFHAUSERMIITZE" Gesetzlich & Geschutzt 14 which must be the hat size.On the outside band it has Iron Crosses all around it along with Tower like symbol.It also has a Silver cap emblem with to Tower-Cross and 1786 on it.Sensible offers will be considered."

His starting bid is $175 New Zealand, which is about 87.5 euros. Whilst I am unfamiliar with a pre-1945 German hat manufacturer called "KYFFHAUSERMIITZE", I do know that Gesetzlich & Geschutzt, or more accurately Geschützt means legally and protected. Could this be real? Or is it more likely a cheap knock-off made in Chile, complete with "Iron Crosses all around it!" OR!! As the present day Kyffhäuserbund is a shooting sports association, is this a modern day cap for the sporting shooter?

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